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Lease Options and Negotiations

We have a 10 plus 10 year lease and it is now time to exercise the option. We would however feel more comfortable with another 5 plu 5. How should we go about this and how easy is it to do. Who can help us.

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PBS Reforms

How are the PBS reforms going to affect the profitability of pharmacy?

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New Business

What are the guidelines/regulations for setting up a greenfield pharmacy site? eg. location to other pharmacies, licence costs?

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Pharmacy Investment

I have a friend who is willing to invest money in pharmacies like he has done with real estate in the past. The law prohibits him from ownership of the pharmacy. What is the best way to go around this so he can invest and get his return?

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Pharmacy Valuations

Different circumstances require different business valuations. In pharmacy, re-financing, new partner acquisition and purchases require different methods of valuation to account for changes in style of the operation of the business. Medici Capital is the industry leader in pharmacy valuations and takes these factors into account when valuing a pharmacy.

There are three methodologies for pharmacy valuation:

Method: Explanation: Uses: Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) The pharmacy value is the present value of the future cash flows from that business. Pharmacies with a finite life or varying annual cash flow. Capitalisation of Future Maintainable Profits Maintainable profits are estimated and capitalised using long-term market or industry discount rates. Pharmacy with a presumed "infinite life". Assets plus Goodwill The going concern value of assets plus goodwill for expected future income. Relatively new pharmacies or where future cash flows are uncertain.

The choice of methods depends on the ability to forecast revenue and expenses and the purpose of the valuation.

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