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Install Gizmo on Your Nokia: Nokia eSeries with Gizmo (SIP VoIP)

How can I make Internet Calls on my Nokia mobile phone?

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Google Goggles: Use Pictures To Search the Web

As seen at

Google has introduced a new BETA search application for Android phones: Google Goggles.

At present it is possible to conduct a web search based on entering a keyword or using voice commands to search based on a key word or phrase. Now Google Goggles enables you to search via a picture.

The technology is still in its infancy, but already it is looking to open a world of new possibilities.

To find out more, have a look at the Google YouTube video below that explains the technology and how it is currently used:

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Twitter founder unveils the Square, a mobile phone

TWITTER has branched into the market for electronic payments, unveiling a mini credit card swiper for the iPhone at a European internet fair.

Twitter's founder Jack Dorsey said the device, the "Square," aimed particularly to enable small transactions for "people like babysitters, dog walkers, golf instructors, flight instructors" to collect payment.

The small black square plugs into the mobile's microphone socket, turning it into a card reader like the swipe machines widely used in US shops and restaurants. Its official launch is set for March.

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Pharmaceutical Licence

Hi, just a few questions regarding pharmacy values: Is the value of a pharmacy calculated separately from the licence itself? Does the value of a licence vary; or is there a fixed value assumed for the licence? Is the value affected by the proximity of competitors etc? What would be a reasonable value for a suburban pharmacy with a methadone program of approx. 50 persons?

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Devil is in the Detail - Documentation & Implementation

I am often amazed at the number pharmacy partnerships that do not have a partnership agreement. Yes, I often find that many pharmacists have not executed a partnership agreement. Their lawyer or accountant may have prepared the agreement, but they "just didn't get around to signing it".

The devil is in the detail.

We recommend a Partnership Agreement to address the legal and protection issues and a Management Agreement to address the active and business development or management issues.

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