Pfizer Deal Creates Concern at APP

Published Tue, March 22 2011 3:47pm by

The Pfizer announcement late last year, of its intention to distribute directly to pharmacy through DHL, has created quite a stir in the industry.  Feedback from pharmacists and the wholesalers has been predominantly negative, and many were vocal in their condemnation of the move at conference sessions.

However, despite the obvious negative results to wholesaling companies, there is limited anecdotal evidence of the resultant impact to pharmacy practices.  In an open forum, Dr Martin Cross referred to pharmacists to determine the outcome of the Pfizer move - indicating that the response of pharmacists will determine if the Pfizer move is a success or not.

Confidence in the future of pharmacy

As part of understanding pharmacist sentiment in the market, Medici Capital is currently running an open survey titled: "I am confident about the future of pharmacy".

Current results are as follows:

Medici Capital Survey: I am confident about the future of pharmacy

Early results indicate that the majority of respondents are "Not yet sure" - with the overwhelming majority either Agreeing/Strongly Agreeing to the phrase.

To contribute to the survey, please visit:


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