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Capital Gains on Selling A Business

I sold my share in some pharmacies last year to the other 2 existing partners, and my accountant and an independent accountant both said I have no choice but to pay about $520K in capital gains tax as I am way over the threshold for small business cg relief. Since then another person said that as I sold a minority share in a going concern the cost base of the pharmacies should not have been taken into account and I should not have to pay tax on the capital gain of the goodwill. I am confused. Do you have an opinion on this? Regards Tony Bugeja Healthpoint Chemist Mackay

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Pharmaceutical Licence

Hi, just a few questions regarding pharmacy values: Is the value of a pharmacy calculated separately from the licence itself? Does the value of a licence vary; or is there a fixed value assumed for the licence? Is the value affected by the proximity of competitors etc? What would be a reasonable value for a suburban pharmacy with a methadone program of approx. 50 persons?

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Negotiating a lease

Rent: I have a new landlord and we are approaching negotiations for rent. I believe he will want CPE increases. I believe that is too much -- sales increase but profitability does not. What options / arguments / leverage do I have?

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Pharmacy Business Models & KPIs

Medici Capital has provided some indicative figures that identify the differences between the operations of different styles of pharmacy. We have identified differences between Community Pharmacy, Regional Shopping Centre Pharmacy, Big Box Discounters and Nursing Home Specialist Pharmacy.

The following table summarises a few differences in real life styles of pharmacies. The numbers have been changed to protect the innocent and identity of the pharmacies.

Community Pharmacy Regional Shopping Centre Big Box Discounter Nursing Home Specialist Size 130.00 250.00 1,000.00 400.00 Trading Hours per Week 48.50 63.00 80.00 50.00 Annual Sales $1,500,000 $5,400,000 $7,500,000 $4,000,000 Gross Margin 32.0% 30.6% 26.2% 34.9% Wages (inc owners) 9.7% 11.9% 7.0% 25.4% Rent 1.6% 10.7% 1.0% 1.2% Adjusted New Profit (before interest) $236,000
15.7% $264,000
4.9% $455,000
6.1% $199,000
5.0% Capital Costs to Establish Business Value $1,388,000 $1,760,000 $2,394,000 $995,000 Fit out & Equipment $162,500 $487,500 $850,000 $820,000 Stock $130,000 $553,000 $1,048,000 $317,000 EFT Satff (inc owners) 4.63 8.71 12.11 18.29

Medici Capital encourages your feedback regarding these numbers. If you would like to participate in this benchmarking survey, please fill out the attached form and fax back to us on (03) 9853 7990. In providing us with your reponse, we will undertake an analysis of how your business lies in relation to the averages. Additionally, we will provide you with an analysis of what measures you should focus on to improve the performance of your pharmacy. All responses will be kept confidential.

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New Business

What are the guidelines/regulations for setting up a greenfield pharmacy site? eg. location to other pharmacies, licence costs?

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