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Validating Valuations

Proving that the price and numbers given about a pharmacy are true and correct (i.e. financial due diligence). What to ask for to validate what you have been told by the broker when you think he is painting a "rosy" picture?

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Deposit Required When Buying A Pharmacy

What percentage of the purchase price for a pharmacy has to come from personal funds?

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Medici Express Indicative Valuations

Have you ever wanted to check the value of your pharmacy?
Now you can do it online!

Considering retirement, bringing in another business partner? Or are you looking for a partnership opportunity? Are you preparing legal documents that require business values? Or are you just curious about the value of your business? How can you obtain this?

Medici Capital's pharmacy valuations are a prime resource to pharmacists in identifying the value of a pharmacy. However, often such an in-depth analysis of the business is not required.

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Myth Busters: Change in the Location Rules and Pharmacy Values

Following the change in the Pharmacy Location Rules many pharmacists have been concerned that these changes will have a detrimental impact on the value of pharmacies. These concerns have been fuelled by industry rumours also hinting of drops in pharmacy values. However in the majority of cases, I fail to see the correlation between Pharmacy Approval Number values and the value of a pharmacy as a going concern.

As a valuation specialist we are receiving calls from pharmacists inquiring about the changes and impact on valuations. First and foremost, we believe the valuation of going concern pharmacies is not expected to change.

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What's your plan for the new financial year? Happy new financial year!

January 1 may be the normal date to review your personal plans and set New Year's resolution, but in business the key date is usually July 1.


Planning and business review must be a regularly part of your business management cycle. We all need to take time out to consider alternatives, review priorities, and kick-start your business year.

This is not rocket science... but needs the review of where you are at, where you are going, and how you will get there? This means understanding and determining where you want to be!

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Request A Valuation

Nation-wide health practice valuations for over 10 banks and financial institutions.

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