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Medici Express Indicative Valuations

Have you ever wanted to check the value of your pharmacy?
Now you can do it online!

Considering retirement, bringing in another business partner? Or are you looking for a partnership opportunity? Are you preparing legal documents that require business values? Or are you just curious about the value of your business? How can you obtain this?

Medici Capital's pharmacy valuations are a prime resource to pharmacists in identifying the value of a pharmacy. However, often such an in-depth analysis of the business is not required.

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Validating Valuations

Proving that the price and numbers given about a pharmacy are true and correct (i.e. financial due diligence). What to ask for to validate what you have been told by the broker when you think he is painting a "rosy" picture?

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Capitalisation Rate for Rural Pharmacy

What is the capitalization rate for a small country town pharmacy in Victoria?

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Pharmacy Rent Report 2009 Released

The following media release was issued by The Pharmacy Guild of Australia to announce the release of the Pharmacy Rent Report for 2009. The report was compiled in associated with Medici Capital and can be obtained through your local state branch of The Pharmacy Guild.

29 September 2009

Media release Release of Rentals Report 2009

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has released its Rentals Report for 2009, in the interests of promoting a deeper understanding of the issues that have an impact on pharmacy rents, leases and viability.

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Pharmacy Business Models & KPIs

Medici Capital has provided some indicative figures that identify the differences between the operations of different styles of pharmacy. We have identified differences between Community Pharmacy, Regional Shopping Centre Pharmacy, Big Box Discounters and Nursing Home Specialist Pharmacy.

The following table summarises a few differences in real life styles of pharmacies. The numbers have been changed to protect the innocent and identity of the pharmacies.

Community Pharmacy Regional Shopping Centre Big Box Discounter Nursing Home Specialist Size 130.00 250.00 1,000.00 400.00 Trading Hours per Week 48.50 63.00 80.00 50.00 Annual Sales $1,500,000 $5,400,000 $7,500,000 $4,000,000 Gross Margin 32.0% 30.6% 26.2% 34.9% Wages (inc owners) 9.7% 11.9% 7.0% 25.4% Rent 1.6% 10.7% 1.0% 1.2% Adjusted New Profit (before interest) $236,000
15.7% $264,000
4.9% $455,000
6.1% $199,000
5.0% Capital Costs to Establish Business Value $1,388,000 $1,760,000 $2,394,000 $995,000 Fit out & Equipment $162,500 $487,500 $850,000 $820,000 Stock $130,000 $553,000 $1,048,000 $317,000 EFT Satff (inc owners) 4.63 8.71 12.11 18.29

Medici Capital encourages your feedback regarding these numbers. If you would like to participate in this benchmarking survey, please fill out the attached form and fax back to us on (03) 9853 7990. In providing us with your reponse, we will undertake an analysis of how your business lies in relation to the averages. Additionally, we will provide you with an analysis of what measures you should focus on to improve the performance of your pharmacy. All responses will be kept confidential.

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