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Capital Gains on Selling A Business

I sold my share in some pharmacies last year to the other 2 existing partners, and my accountant and an independent accountant both said I have no choice but to pay about $520K in capital gains tax as I am way over the threshold for small business cg relief. Since then another person said that as I sold a minority share in a going concern the cost base of the pharmacies should not have been taken into account and I should not have to pay tax on the capital gain of the goodwill. I am confused. Do you have an opinion on this? Regards Tony Bugeja Healthpoint Chemist Mackay

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Financial Backing

What legal issues come into play when a pharmacist purchases a pharmacy with the financial backing of another who is not a pharmacist? What sort of business structure would be appropriate to avoid any legal "ownership" issues arising from such a situation? Thanks

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What is valid agreement for partnership

Hi there, Can someone declare that one is a partner in a business without going through proper formalities like signing documents and understanding liabilities etc? Would you please provide what are the forms of valid agreements for a partnership to occur

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Pfizer Deal Creates Concern at APP

The Pfizer announcement late last year, of its intention to distribute directly to pharmacy through DHL, has created quite a stir in the industry.  Feedback from pharmacists and the wholesalers has been predominantly negative, and many were vocal in their condemnation of the move at conference sessions.

However, despite the obvious negative results to wholesaling companies, there is limited anecdotal evidence of the resultant impact to pharmacy practices.  In an open forum, Dr Martin Cross referred to pharmacists to determine the outcome of the Pfizer move - indicating that the response of pharmacists will determine if the Pfizer move is a success or not.

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Are Buyers Realistic in Price Expectations for Pharmacy

Recent market activity has suggested a slow down in pharmacy sales over the last 2 years.  However, the slow down has not resulted in a reduction in the prices being paid for pharmacies.

Medici Capital's Frank Sirianni discussed at this year's APP Conference that research by Medici Capital has indicated that the level of pharmacy sales is at around 40% of what it was a number of years ago - resulting in limited opportunities becoming available on the market.  However, the prices being paid for pharmacies have not pegged back.

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