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Validating Valuations

Proving that the price and numbers given about a pharmacy are true and correct (i.e. financial due diligence). What to ask for to validate what you have been told by the broker when you think he is painting a "rosy" picture?

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Sales Opportunities

More on: finding sales opportunities! Where are the growth areas or the best areas to buy for a young pharmacist?

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Funding Requirements for A Pharmacy Partnership

My enquiry is about whether the levels of debt in my real estate investments are likely to adversely affect my intentions to buy into a pharmacy partnership. I am currently contemplating whether to use the equity growth in my first investment property and some savings to buy a second property. If I were to do so it I would be borrowing 90% of bank valuation for both properties and would have limited savings left over. My plan would be to continue to patiently wait for a pharmacy partnership to appear and if necessary use some family money (if there is insufficient available equity at the time) to raise the $50-$150k that I’m told is required by the banks to enter the partnership

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Selling your pharmacy - steps to a successful sale

For many pharmacy owners, they will need to seriously consider selling their pharmacy. Whether this is for personal reasons or forced on them by market conditions, they will need to approach the process with caution and take control. It's your money! It's also your retirement plan! These days, selling a business is harder than ever and the main reason is competition. Take control of the process and ensure that your business is being sold to the "best" and most qualified buyer.

For others, they will remain and take on the challenges facing pharmacy. These pharmacies are strong, robust, and viable. They will be able to grow and withstand the changes which will inevitably come!

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Are YOU ready to buy?

As a young pharmacist, you graduate, gain experience in various pharmacies and eventually manage a pharmacy. For the majority, getting to this rung on the pharmacy ladder is inevitable; however the next step up is always the hardest to take. In a market characterised by high values and perhaps a sellers market, coupled with increasing risks; achieving ownership is a concern for many young pharmacists.

There are proven ways to evaluate your capacity to own and this knowledge is often readily available. Training programs such as Medici Capital's "Ownership Ready" series are designed for prospective owners to learn about the process and self evaluate their readiness for ownership. (see Pharmacy Ownership Ready Series for more details)

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