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Deposit Required When Buying A Pharmacy

What percentage of the purchase price for a pharmacy has to come from personal funds?

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Funding Requirements for A Pharmacy Partnership

My enquiry is about whether the levels of debt in my real estate investments are likely to adversely affect my intentions to buy into a pharmacy partnership. I am currently contemplating whether to use the equity growth in my first investment property and some savings to buy a second property. If I were to do so it I would be borrowing 90% of bank valuation for both properties and would have limited savings left over. My plan would be to continue to patiently wait for a pharmacy partnership to appear and if necessary use some family money (if there is insufficient available equity at the time) to raise the $50-$150k that I’m told is required by the banks to enter the partnership

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PHARMACY FINANCE - Are we there yet?

Please note reference to websites

Just when you thought the worst was over, the US Sub-prime crisis takes another turn!

The current credit crisis has hit the financial markets hard. If you are not aware of it you must have been living under a rock. Other industries have seen reputable businesses spiral towards insolvency or go out of business due to lack of funding and the so called 'credit crisis'.

Let's face it the economy is experiencing a downward trend. Hence Bank's are increasingly more difficult to deal with. Borderline deals are less likely to get financed. Deals requiring an entrepreneurial leap of faith are being rejected. Policies are being strictly adhered to and enforced. Certain banks are essentially withdrawing from the market. Onerous information requests and reporting requirements are commonplace.

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Financial Backing

What legal issues come into play when a pharmacist purchases a pharmacy with the financial backing of another who is not a pharmacist? What sort of business structure would be appropriate to avoid any legal "ownership" issues arising from such a situation? Thanks

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Pharmacy Finance & Valuations

Have we seen any impact yet?

A recent mortgage industry forum in Sydney concluded that "Rising borrowing costs may potentially reduce profitability for a large number of retirement village operators, thus putting downward pressure on values".

While we have not seen any such impact in pharmacy, it is probably the most frequently asked question in the market. Have PBS reforms or the financial crisis affected pharmacy values?

Retirement villages lose a third value

FALLING retirement village valuations had carved as much as 30 per cent from secondary stock since Christmas, financiers were warned.

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