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Capital Gains on Selling A Business

I sold my share in some pharmacies last year to the other 2 existing partners, and my accountant and an independent accountant both said I have no choice but to pay about $520K in capital gains tax as I am way over the threshold for small business cg relief. Since then another person said that as I sold a minority share in a going concern the cost base of the pharmacies should not have been taken into account and I should not have to pay tax on the capital gain of the goodwill. I am confused. Do you have an opinion on this? Regards Tony Bugeja Healthpoint Chemist Mackay

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Loan Repayments - What Should I Expect

How long will it take me to pay off my loan?

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Pharmacy Returns - are pharmacy returns reasonable

PBS Reforms combined with the impact of the recent credit crunch have driven many pharmacists to ask the question - should the prices being paid for pharmacies come down? In the context of the current economic climate, many expect that returns should increase to reflect the increasing uncertainty and/or risks about pharmacy. But is this the case?

Pharmacy returns

Pharmacy business sales brokers generally refer to the capitalisation rate as the return on investment. But is it?

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Value & Price: Are They The Same?

What's the difference between value and price? Surely, the value is what someone is willing to pay for the business! Or is it? And, does the difference justify the investment or matter?

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Deposit Required When Buying A Pharmacy

What percentage of the purchase price for a pharmacy has to come from personal funds?

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