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Lease Options and Negotiations

We have a 10 plus 10 year lease and it is now time to exercise the option. We would however feel more comfortable with another 5 plu 5. How should we go about this and how easy is it to do. Who can help us.

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Are Buyers Realistic in Price Expectations for Pharmacy

Recent market activity has suggested a slow down in pharmacy sales over the last 2 years.  However, the slow down has not resulted in a reduction in the prices being paid for pharmacies.

Medici Capital's Frank Sirianni discussed at this year's APP Conference that research by Medici Capital has indicated that the level of pharmacy sales is at around 40% of what it was a number of years ago - resulting in limited opportunities becoming available on the market.  However, the prices being paid for pharmacies have not pegged back.

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Validating Valuations

Proving that the price and numbers given about a pharmacy are true and correct (i.e. financial due diligence). What to ask for to validate what you have been told by the broker when you think he is painting a "rosy" picture?

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Pharmacy Finance & Valuations

Have we seen any impact yet?

A recent mortgage industry forum in Sydney concluded that "Rising borrowing costs may potentially reduce profitability for a large number of retirement village operators, thus putting downward pressure on values".

While we have not seen any such impact in pharmacy, it is probably the most frequently asked question in the market. Have PBS reforms or the financial crisis affected pharmacy values?

Retirement villages lose a third value

FALLING retirement village valuations had carved as much as 30 per cent from secondary stock since Christmas, financiers were warned.

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Pharmacy Capitalisation Rates

Hi, Could you please indicate to me the current capitalisation rates for pharmacy? Thank you

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Nation-wide health practice valuations for over 10 banks and financial institutions.

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