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Validating Valuations

Proving that the price and numbers given about a pharmacy are true and correct (i.e. financial due diligence). What to ask for to validate what you have been told by the broker when you think he is painting a "rosy" picture?

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Is Equity Required to Enter a Partnership?

hi, I was going thorugh all thr articles regarding pharmacy partnership oppurtunities and to make it more clear i just wish to know whether funding to enter the partnership is needed or not.I could learn from the articles that senior partner is funding junior partner and does it mean that funding is not essential?

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PHARMACY FINANCE - Are we there yet?

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Just when you thought the worst was over, the US Sub-prime crisis takes another turn!

The current credit crisis has hit the financial markets hard. If you are not aware of it you must have been living under a rock. Other industries have seen reputable businesses spiral towards insolvency or go out of business due to lack of funding and the so called 'credit crisis'.

Let's face it the economy is experiencing a downward trend. Hence Bank's are increasingly more difficult to deal with. Borderline deals are less likely to get financed. Deals requiring an entrepreneurial leap of faith are being rejected. Policies are being strictly adhered to and enforced. Certain banks are essentially withdrawing from the market. Onerous information requests and reporting requirements are commonplace.

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Value & Price: Are They The Same?

What's the difference between value and price? Surely, the value is what someone is willing to pay for the business! Or is it? And, does the difference justify the investment or matter?

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RFID Becomes One Step Closer For Australian Retail

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) yesterday finalised its approval for 4 Watt RFID readers operating between 920 and 926MHz. Until this time, the ACMA had limited use of RFID to 1 Watt within the 918 to 926MHz band. Approval of this new, (and unlicensed), RFID technology paves the way for better use of RFID technology in retailing and warehousing environments by Australian retailers and distributors. This recent move now brings Australia in line with use of RFID across the world.

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