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How To Prepare for a Job Interview

Job interviews can be very daunting for some people. Knowing how to approach an interview is vital in becoming the successful candidate for the position. Listed below are some tips on how to prepare for an upcoming job interview:

Research the Company:
This should be your first step in preparing for an interview. Thoroughly research all the different aspects of the company, including current information, the products they supply, the market they compete in, goals etc. Facts vs Fiction:
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Twitter founder unveils the Square, a mobile phone

TWITTER has branched into the market for electronic payments, unveiling a mini credit card swiper for the iPhone at a European internet fair.

Twitter's founder Jack Dorsey said the device, the "Square," aimed particularly to enable small transactions for "people like babysitters, dog walkers, golf instructors, flight instructors" to collect payment.

The small black square plugs into the mobile's microphone socket, turning it into a card reader like the swipe machines widely used in US shops and restaurants. Its official launch is set for March.

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Social Networking Sites: Consider What You Post Online

Nowadays it is becoming more common for people to upload content, (both text and multimedia), to external sites - in particular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. But what has started as a trend to keep in contact with others is starting to morph into an online record of who you are and what you've been up to. In the face of job hunting and developing a career, it is important to realise that the content you place online can come back to haunt you.

Recently I noticed the following blog entry from indicating some concerning statistics indicating that employers are using social networking sites to screen potential employees:

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Lease Options and Negotiations

We have a 10 plus 10 year lease and it is now time to exercise the option. We would however feel more comfortable with another 5 plu 5. How should we go about this and how easy is it to do. Who can help us.

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Pay Rises Put On Hold - The Australian

Fair Pay Commissioner Ian Harper has warned low-paid workers that the protection of jobs will be the guiding force in his final deliberations on the minimum wage.

Despite rising inflation, the man charged with setting the minimum wage has confessed he is deeply concerned that any movement that is too aggressive could exacerbate unemployment, reports The Australian.

In an interview with The Australian yesterday, Professor Harper predicted the economic slowdown would make his 2009 decision the most difficult by far.

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