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Are Buyers Realistic in Price Expectations for Pharmacy

Recent market activity has suggested a slow down in pharmacy sales over the last 2 years.  However, the slow down has not resulted in a reduction in the prices being paid for pharmacies.

Medici Capital's Frank Sirianni discussed at this year's APP Conference that research by Medici Capital has indicated that the level of pharmacy sales is at around 40% of what it was a number of years ago - resulting in limited opportunities becoming available on the market.  However, the prices being paid for pharmacies have not pegged back.

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Pharmacy Returns - are pharmacy returns reasonable

PBS Reforms combined with the impact of the recent credit crunch have driven many pharmacists to ask the question - should the prices being paid for pharmacies come down? In the context of the current economic climate, many expect that returns should increase to reflect the increasing uncertainty and/or risks about pharmacy. But is this the case?

Pharmacy returns

Pharmacy business sales brokers generally refer to the capitalisation rate as the return on investment. But is it?

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Fall In Job Advertisements for 2009 - ANZ Survey

The extended impact of the financial crisis of 2008 is now upon us. The media is today flooded with news of falls in the rate of job advertisements. The question is, are these job "cut-backs" necessary; how long will they last; and what are the ramifications for the wider economy.

Following is an except from The Age's Chris Zappone as cited on Monday 12 January 2009:

Job ads at recession level

Chris Zappone January 12, 2009 - 11:30AM

The number of jobs advertised dropped by nearly a third last year, putting the number of new positions added by businesses at "recession levels."

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Pharmacy Rent Report 2009 Released

The following media release was issued by The Pharmacy Guild of Australia to announce the release of the Pharmacy Rent Report for 2009. The report was compiled in associated with Medici Capital and can be obtained through your local state branch of The Pharmacy Guild.

29 September 2009

Media release Release of Rentals Report 2009

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has released its Rentals Report for 2009, in the interests of promoting a deeper understanding of the issues that have an impact on pharmacy rents, leases and viability.

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Myth Busters: Change in the Location Rules and Pharmacy Values

Following the change in the Pharmacy Location Rules many pharmacists have been concerned that these changes will have a detrimental impact on the value of pharmacies. These concerns have been fuelled by industry rumours also hinting of drops in pharmacy values. However in the majority of cases, I fail to see the correlation between Pharmacy Approval Number values and the value of a pharmacy as a going concern.

As a valuation specialist we are receiving calls from pharmacists inquiring about the changes and impact on valuations. First and foremost, we believe the valuation of going concern pharmacies is not expected to change.

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