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Lease Options and Negotiations

We have a 10 plus 10 year lease and it is now time to exercise the option. We would however feel more comfortable with another 5 plu 5. How should we go about this and how easy is it to do. Who can help us.

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Funding Requirements for A Pharmacy Partnership

My enquiry is about whether the levels of debt in my real estate investments are likely to adversely affect my intentions to buy into a pharmacy partnership. I am currently contemplating whether to use the equity growth in my first investment property and some savings to buy a second property. If I were to do so it I would be borrowing 90% of bank valuation for both properties and would have limited savings left over. My plan would be to continue to patiently wait for a pharmacy partnership to appear and if necessary use some family money (if there is insufficient available equity at the time) to raise the $50-$150k that I’m told is required by the banks to enter the partnership

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Pharmacy Returns - are pharmacy returns reasonable

PBS Reforms combined with the impact of the recent credit crunch have driven many pharmacists to ask the question - should the prices being paid for pharmacies come down? In the context of the current economic climate, many expect that returns should increase to reflect the increasing uncertainty and/or risks about pharmacy. But is this the case?

Pharmacy returns

Pharmacy business sales brokers generally refer to the capitalisation rate as the return on investment. But is it?

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Pharmaceutical Licence

Hi, just a few questions regarding pharmacy values: Is the value of a pharmacy calculated separately from the licence itself? Does the value of a licence vary; or is there a fixed value assumed for the licence? Is the value affected by the proximity of competitors etc? What would be a reasonable value for a suburban pharmacy with a methadone program of approx. 50 persons?

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Pharmacy Trends

Based upon historical economic trends, pharmacy operates with three known 'facts' of business life:

All pharmacies are different. There's no such thing as an average pharmacy. Most pharmacies have sales below the Guild average; Gross Margins are declining; and Pharmacy is increasingly reliant on prescriptions (and therefore less reliant on retail sales) as a revenue source.

The three key expenses for most pharmacies are cost of goods sold, salaries and rent. These expenses are generally linked to inflation. These three expenses often account for over 90% of the expenses of the business.

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