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Buying A Pharmacy - The True Cost

For many of you, the new year may have brought some new year resolutions. Some of those may relate to ownership - or more specifically the purchase of a pharmacy.

In order to ensure that you achieve these resolutions, it is important that you take some time to consider how you plan to achieve these aspirations. Depending on your progress to date, and your experience in the market, this will vary. One of the most important considerations is how to fund the acquisition.

Some important considerations are:

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Funding Requirements for A Pharmacy Partnership

My enquiry is about whether the levels of debt in my real estate investments are likely to adversely affect my intentions to buy into a pharmacy partnership. I am currently contemplating whether to use the equity growth in my first investment property and some savings to buy a second property. If I were to do so it I would be borrowing 90% of bank valuation for both properties and would have limited savings left over. My plan would be to continue to patiently wait for a pharmacy partnership to appear and if necessary use some family money (if there is insufficient available equity at the time) to raise the $50-$150k that I’m told is required by the banks to enter the partnership

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Loan Repayments - What Should I Expect

How long will it take me to pay off my loan?

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Lease Negotiations

What happens if you negotiate to buy but you can't get a lease for the premises?

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About The Asking Price

What do I do if the asking price for a business for sale is too high?

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