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What is valid agreement for partnership

Hi there, Can someone declare that one is a partner in a business without going through proper formalities like signing documents and understanding liabilities etc? Would you please provide what are the forms of valid agreements for a partnership to occur

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Capital Gains on Selling A Business

I sold my share in some pharmacies last year to the other 2 existing partners, and my accountant and an independent accountant both said I have no choice but to pay about $520K in capital gains tax as I am way over the threshold for small business cg relief. Since then another person said that as I sold a minority share in a going concern the cost base of the pharmacies should not have been taken into account and I should not have to pay tax on the capital gain of the goodwill. I am confused. Do you have an opinion on this? Regards Tony Bugeja Healthpoint Chemist Mackay

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Why Do I Need A Business Valuation

A Business valuation is the process applied by a qualified valuation expert to determine the fair market value of an owner's interest in a business. As a current or prospective pharmacy owner, a business valuation will provide you with an analysis of the pharmacy's value along with the strengths and weaknesses inherent in the business. The purpose of this article is to identify the concepts behind valuation in pharmacy as well as the reasons why a valuation would be conducted.

There are many reasons why you may need a valuation as a pharmacist. Some of the main reasons are to raise capital, protect your business, for estate planning purposes or buying and selling a pharmacy.

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Is Anyone Listening? Be Alert When Purchasing A Pharamacy

Despite the numerous threats and pressures facing pharmacy, Goodwill is and remains at an all time high. By any measure the cost of pharmacy ownership is high and the payback period greater than in recent history. So too are the associated risks of pharmacy ownership.

However, the returns for wisely selected pharmacies can be excellent and the rewards, both personal and financial, can be exceptional!

Recent sales evidence suggests a number of warning bells which I wish to alert you to.

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Is Anyone Listening? Be Alert When Purchasing A Pharmacy

Don't pay the seller for what you bring to the table!

Emotion and fear are often the twin drivers for the purchase of a pharmacy. This is particularly so where a competitor is thought to looking at the same opportunity.

Brokers are very skilled at creating the 'pressure pot' for sales and a quick decision. They drive the emotional factor! They will often encourage the purchaser, to never mind the reported results and think about what "you could do with this business" and, as a result, have the purchaser pay a premium to the seller for value yet to be created by the purchaser.

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