Cash Flow and Commercial Loans

From past experience, you'll probably know that financial services for Health professionals have been far from ideal: solutions that don't really meet your needs, long waits for approvals, impersonal service and rates that might look good on the surface but, when combined with hefty fees, are far from competitive.

Medici Capital changes all that. We have access to bankers who really understand the health industry and want to develop a responsive relationship with their clients. We'll work with you to develop and implement a financial structure which best matches your present - and future - business needs. What's more, we'll give you the kind of things you've always wanted in your financing:

  • Flexibility, especially a willingness to lend against goodwill;
  • Prompt availability to finance;
  • Competitive rates;
  • Limited bank charges, resulting in substantial overall savings;
  • Personal service to you; and
  • Property based finance.

All proposals are specifically tailored for your needs and remain confidential.

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Recent developments in the Pharmacy Finance Market

Recently ANZ bank communicated to the market a clear intention that they wish to lower the LVR (loan to value ratio) for pharmacy to 60%. ANZ will still consider higher levels for low risk clients or pharmacies.

This is a clear signal of the perceived pharmacy risks by banks as well as an indicator of the current financial markets climate.

I believe other lenders will follow suit. Is this an early warning sign of things to come?

Some of the signs I have noticed recently are as follows:

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